Spiritual Direction

Thank you for visiting my web site, I wish you a warm welcome. If you are seeking Spiritual Direction it is not by accident.  It is quite possibly the nudging of Spirit that has encouraged you into this part of your pilgrimage. My sincere desire is that the information here may help you discern your path in life.

Do you:

  • struggle in discerning God’s will in your life?
  • have a longing to be heard at the deepest level?
  • feel isolated on your spiritual journey?
  • engage in compulsive or addictive behavior and think there may be a spiritual solution?
  • long for a deeper connection to the God of your understanding, or perhaps it’s to the God of your misunderstanding?
  • seek a deeper and broader spiritual connection?
  • wonder about your spiritual journey?
  • feel you’d like to expand your spiritual practice?
  • seek a deeper relationship to life and wonder if exploring that in a spiritual context may be relevant for you?
  • seek deeper spiritual unity and integration?

If you answered yes, or are curious about any of these questions, then spiritual direction may benefit you.

Simply put, my goal as a spiritual director is to support you in

the expression of your own spirituality.

The pace of our lives can leave us living in our heads and literally gasping for air. We often live our lives with almost no spaciousness or contemplation.  Truth is, our current culture often supports us in this choice of lifestyle. I can’t count the number of times someone has asked me “Have you been busy?” or “So Kim, keeping busy?” It’s almost a like a badge of honour to be “busy”. When our lives are so “full” where is there room for God?  It’s up to us to create that space, to “let go and let God.” A pilot friend of mine once told me, “If God is your co-pilot you need to change seats”.  How would your life be different if you sat in the co-pilot’s seat more often?

Creating space for God in your life is what I can help you manifest.

I hope you spend some time investigating my site.