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My name is Kim Brandt and I live in Fort Langley BC, Canada. I am a Spiritual Director,  Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Life Coach, retreat leader, lay preacher, member of Spiritual Directors International, and musician. My training has been in leadership, group facilitation, theology, one on one conversation, energy medicine, educational theory, coaching and music.

As I mentioned earlier, so often our lives move at such a hectic pace that we lose our breath along the way. We come up gasping for air just long enough to launch into the next round of activities of daily life. In my practice as a bodyworker one primary goal is to support my client’s re-connection with their bodies in order that they begin to listen to that deep wisdom that resides within them. This is true in my work as a Spiritual Director. I believe that the key to discovering our spiritual core lies in integrating our head, heart and gut. This integrative piece is most certainly one effective way to engage with that “still small voice” and truly “hear” what Spirit is saying.

My personal story involves a profound belief in the transformational power of prayer. In 1988 I had a profound spiritual experience that dramatically changed the course of my life. It has become abundantly clear to me that I am here to serve others and am committed to the transformative process for myself and others.

The fee for one-on-one Spiritual Direction is based on a sliding scale and there is no charge for our first meeting.

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