Connecting to your core wisdom

Have you ever driven somewhere, arrived, then as you turned the car off you realized you don’t remember driving for the last while? We are often asleep during parts of our day. I don’t mean asleep as in catching a few zzz’s but rather not being in the present moment. During that car trip your mind was not asleep. There were all sorts of thoughts going on. Perhaps you remember them, but perhaps not. Having a spiritual awakening is the desired outcome of a spiritual life but we need to be awake to experience it.

Here’s another question. Have you ever had a gut feeling to do something, then thought about it and changed your mind and come to regret not having gone with your first thought or gut instinct? Almost everyone has.

Our minds are a wondrous gifts, but do not provide us with the whole picture. Our minds are tremendous organizers, multi-taskers and so much more.  Integration is not about leaving the mind out of the picture, but rather learning to align it with your heart and gut. Discerning with a more balanced approach in these three vital areas will offer deeper insights in your journey as you’ll then be in touch with your deepest spiritual intelligence.

Developing a regular spiritual practice is the most significant aspect in learning to hear your inner wisdom. A practice of meditation or contemplation of any type will get you beyond the egoic mind and the dualistic thought it will use’s to sabotage you.

It is crystal clear to me that the answer to my problems will not come from reading another book. A significant piece in the journey to true freedom and real peace of mind comes from developing a disciplined and regular spiritual practice. This a something that Spiritual Direction can guide you in manifesting in your life.

A life of  contemplation really is the change that changes everything.